2018 Media Kit


Utah Golf Association Members

As the official publication of the Utah Golf Association, Fairways magazine is mailed directly to the homes of Utah Golf Association members four times a year. It is the only state-wide publication dedicated to the game of golf and the golfing lifestyle.


Utah’s Largest

Best Read, Paid Circulation Magazine

Fairways magazine has the highest paid circulation of any locally published magazine in Utah. Advertising in Fairways is the most cost efficient way to reach Utah’s affluent golf demographic.


Fairways readers have a higher household income, are more likely to have a college degree and are likely to hold professional employment.  In fact, every country club member in the state is a Utah Golf Association member.  They recognize golf not just as a recreational activity but as a lifestyle and are willing to purchase, travel and spend to live the golfing life.


Fairways readers are avid golfers! They become subscribers by joining the Utah Golf Association, establishing their handicap and committing themselves to improving their game.  Fairways magazine plays an important role in helping them accomplish this goal.  Because it is about local people and events, Fairways editorial and advertising is important to them, guaranteeing great readership.



Relevant, Entertaining and Engaging Editorial Content

Fairways editorial delivers local tournament recaps, player profiles, golf industry news, product reviews, destination golf features, golf instruction and engaging columns written by some of Utah’s most popular sportswriters.


Fairways magazine is read cover-to-cover and enjoys a long shelf-life.  Its dedication and commitment in covering the Utah Golf Association, Utah Section PGA as well as Utah Junior Golf tournaments and events make it the go-to magazine among country club members, Utah golfers and their families.


Utah Golf Association Members

Home Delivered 4 Times/Year

Fairways 18 Digital

Reaching Utah’s Golfers Monthly

Fairways 18 monthly digital magazine is a sister-publication to Fairways magazine. It is delivered by email to the nearly 26,000 golfing families that makeup the memberships of the Utah Golf Association, Utah Section PGA and Utah Junior Golf Association. Fairways 18 digital magazine is available through multiple mediums including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Quick, Easy to Read with Vibrant Photos

Fairways 18 is Utah’s only digital golf magazine dedicated to providing exclusive content about Utah’s golfing community including tournaments, events, equipment, travel and lifestyle.  The publishing team at Fairways Media and its writers provide reviews and previews of Utah’s major golf events using exciting and colorful photos and content. Each issue of Fairways 18 is unique in editorial content and offers multi-media platforms including video, web links and social media connection opportunities.


Stay Connected

Readers look to Fairways 18 to stay connected on a monthly basis to Utah’s golf events along with player profiles and commentary.  It is a unique and interactive look into Utah golf, offering a fresh, hands-on readership experience that combines the impact of traditional editorial with the interactivity of the digital world.


Readers are able to experience additional content and video through exclusively embedded web links in both editorial and advertising.  Open rates for Fairways 18 digital magazine are higher than traditional email marketing due to our exclusive content and unique advertising offers.


In today’s face-paced lifestyle, Fairways 18 delivers!


Utah Golf Association Members

Email Delivered Monthly

Fairways 18 Ad Specs:

14.22” Wide X 9.50” High


Formats - JPG, TIF, EPS

PhotoShop and PDF

Please provide the URL


Fairways 18 Ad Rates:

One Issue: $1,200/issue

Six Issues: $900/issue

12 Issues: $700/issue

Editorial Content


From the Clubhouse

This column is written by Fairways Media and/or Utah Golf Association staff containing news, notes, press releases and other important information as related to golf in and out of Utah.


From the History Books

A look back at some of the legends of Utah golf.


From the First Tee

News and notes from the First Tee of Utah program.


Hey, Listen Up

Profiles of past and current players and administrators

with Utah golf ties.


Product Review

Profiles on new and unique golf products,

apparel and equipment.


Tips from the Pro

Local Utah Section PGA Professionals offer playing tips.


Book Review

A review of the newest golf books currently on the market.


Destination Golf

A travel feature reviewing major golf destinations

and resorts worldwide.


From the Senior Tee

A unique view of Utah golf from the senior perspective

of Utah Golf Association Board of Directors member

Kurt Bernhisel.


Parting Shot

Photo page of current and unique golf events.


Utah’s most popular sportswriters cover tournament recaps, course reviews, player profiles, special events, annual golf awards and exclusive Utah golf and lifestyle editorial.

Dear Fairways,

Thanks again for having me write about my recent victory in Philadelphia and submitting it to Fairways magazine for your current issue. I have had a lot of positive feedback from the article.  You must have quite the readership as it has been mentioned by so many people I would not have expected hearing from.  With the recent success of Dean Wilson, and Andy Miller at tour school and Carrie Summerhays on the LPGA, you will be busy in the coming year.  I look forward to reading about these individuals and many others as you cover the state with your excellent golf publication.


Continued success with all your endeavors and thanks again for your support and friendship.


Dan Forsman

PGA Tour Professional

Rate Card • Ad Specifications

Print Deadlines

Spring Issue

Ad Space Reservations Feb 23

Artwork Deadline Feb 26

Printing Date March 12


Summer Issue

Ad Space Reservations April 20

Artwork Deadline May 4

Printing Date May 14


Fall Issue

Ad Space Reservations June 22

Artwork Deadline July 2

Printing Date July 16


Winter Issue

Ad Space Reservations Oct 12

Artwork Deadline Oct 19

Printing Date Oct 29

Ad Sizes

Full Page Bleed Size:

(.125 inch bleed)

8.625 x 11.125

Full Page: (trim cut size)

8.375 x 10.875

Full Page: (live area)

7.375 x 9.875


2/3 Hz: 7.25 x 6.5

2/3 Vrt: 4.75 x 9.625

1/2 Hz: 7.25 x 4.875

1/2 Vrt: 4.75 x 7.375

1/3 Vrt: 2.25 x 9.625

1/3 Sq: 4.75 x 4.875

1/3 Hz: 7.25 x 3.25

1/4 Vrt: 2.25 x 7.375

1/4 Sq: 3.25 x 4.875

1/6 Hz: 4.75 x 2.375

1/6 Vrt: 2.25 x 4.875

Printing Specifications

Full Color:

Publisher DOES NOT guarantee EXACT color match.

NO rebate or discount will be made in the event of color variances.


Layout & Formats:

Advertisements provided MUST be Mac formatted.

PC formatted files will NOT be accepted.

Publication is Direct To Plate, film will NOT be accepted.

Layout program used: InDesign CC


Premium Placement:

1. All advertising is placed at the publishers’ discretion. Special placement

is available by adding 10% to the gross rate of the ad space.

2. Cover placement is available with the following extra charge:

Back cover add 30%. Inside front cover add 25%. Inside back cover add 20%.


Preferred Document layout files:

#1 - High-Res PDF (Press Quality with printer marks and bleeds)

#2 - InDesign® CC documents.


Images (CMYK), Fonts, Current Documents & Color Proof.

Please Preflight and Package.


Also accepted:

PhotoShop® CC (2017)  .eps, .tiff or .jpg files. (must be hi-res 300 dpi files)

Illustrator® CC (2017) .ai .eps.

(create outlines with all fonts and linked images must be sent)


Production Charges:

Creative and Typesetting. All Creative and/or Typesetting will be billed

at a standard rate of $120 per hour, with a 1/2 hour minimum.


Advertising Material - Mailing Address

Fairways Media Inc.

ATTN: Garrit Johnson, Art Director

77 East Center Street

Provo, Utah 84606


Artwork may be emailed to garrit@fairwaysmag.com

For additional specification information please contact

Garrit Johnson, Art Director 801.360.4557


What’s Your Handicap?

The Utah Golf Association emails twice monthly to each active member a GHIN handicap eRevision detailing their current handicap index and scoring history as well as upcoming UGA events and tournaments.


Highest Open Rate

Reaching Utah Golfers

UGA handicap update emails enjoy an average monthly open rate of 80% providing a targeted digital platform for advertisers wanting to utilize an email marketing effort to UGA members combined with relevant editorial. These are avid golfers searching for ways to improve their game and live the golf lifestyle.


Frequency Options

Advertisers have the option of utilizing the UGA’s handicap eRevision emails to fit their email marketing plans and budget. Customized campaigns can be designed to fit any marketing plans. Advertiser banner ads delivered within the eRevision emails can be linked to designated websites. Creative services for banner ad designs are available.

Banner ad specs:

600 wide X 400 high

RGB • 72 DPI • .JPG


Banner ad rates:

One Issue: $1,200/issue

Six Issues: $900/issue

12 Issues: $700/issue


Fairways Media

77 East Center Street. Suite B

Provo, Utah 84606

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